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Membership at [mc] is broken down into two options:
Full-time & Part-time.

Full-Time Membership - Cowork All Day, Every Day
One Hundred Ninety Nine Dollars per Month
Part-Time Membership - Up to 12 Days of Coworking
One Hundred and Twenty Nine Dollars per Month

Daily Rates

So you need a place to work for the day? We got you!
Drop-in, grab a cup of coffee, & do work.

Twenty Dollars per Day, Twenty-Five for 2 days and Sixty Nine Dollars for 6 days


Both Memberships include a fast Wifi internet connection, unlimited Muletown Coffee, and black & white printing.

Full-time Membership includes 8 hours of scheduled Conference Room access & Part-time including 4 hours.

Fast Wifi

Muletown Coffee

B/W Printing

Conference Room

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